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There really is no comparison.  AdPlus is more than your typical ad effectiveness study.

Only Paramount Research utilizes a proprietary methodology that combines four studies into one comprehensive package -- all for the cost of one standard ad effectiveness study.  Simply put, AdPlus is the best value and most complete magazine research product on the market today.

Utilizing an innovative approach, AdPlus incorporates Ad Effectiveness, Brand Perception, Subscriber Profile and Editorial Assessment data into one complete solution for magazines and advertisers.  Stand apart from your competition with the comprehensive package and incredible value found only with AdPlus.  

BrandPlus offers more depth and breadth than any other brand analysis study on the market.

Advertising is all about creating the perfect image for a brand.  BrandPlus is an innovative research product developed to provide advertisers critical brand measurements to help them gauge how an ad campaign impacts their brand performance.

Through the use of both quantitative and qualitative research techniques, advertisers are able to see firsthand how their brand performance changes during a multi-ad campaign.  With BrandPlus, you'll be providing your advertisers the insight and metrics that most impact their brand performance.  

ExhibitPlus increases ad sales around trade shows.

Conferences and exhibitions are an important tool for all parties involved –exhibitors, sponsors, trade magazine publishers, and their respective target audiences. ExhibitPlus is a highly effective tool developed to grow ad revenue and improve readership for your trade show-related issues.

ExhibitPlus provides your advertisers with the tools they need to effectively evaluate both the event and their exhibit performance.  Each study collects metrics such as exhibitor satisfaction, expectations and results, visit percentage, time spent at each exhibit, actions taken while visiting the exhibit, and the overall impact on purchase intention. 

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